Health & PE

High quality Health and Physical Education is timetabled weekly for each class. The curriculum covers all required areas and includes:

  • Swimming;
  • Athletics;
  • Team sports such as tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, football, soccer, netball etc;
  • Cross Country


H & PE is enriched by the many opportunities students have to represent the school at Zone (Black Ranges) or Regional (Greater Western) level in team and individual events.


Our school has reached State level in recent years in both Hockey and Cricket, and we are proud of the opportunities our students have and their achievements.


The school also actively seeks out opportunities such as tennis coaching; visiting hockey and AFL coaching clinics to add an additional element to the program.


St Arnaud Primary School provides a comprehensive, 3 week Swimming Program that runs in T1 each year from Prep to Year 6, covering water familiarisation and stroke technique.  The program culminates with an inclusive Swimming Sports which has a range of events for children of all abilities to participate in and enjoy.  There is no cost to families for the swimming program.  All staff hold the required Austswim qualifications.