School Council

School Council is the decision making body of the school. Decisions are made within broad Department of Education Guidelines for the operation of the school in our local environment. Members are elected for a two-year term with half of the Council retiring each year. The School Council is responsible to oversee:

  • The financial (cash) affairs of the school,
  • Its curriculum policies,
  • Its general maintenance and appearance.

This Council meets on a monthly basis and at present consists of representatives from parents and the wider community. Currently we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Membership of the Council is:

  • Principal - Executive Officer – Melissa Mitchell
  • President – Daniel Greenaway
  • Vice-President – Leonie Mactaggart
  • Staff representative – Kirri Ezard, Emily Gosden
  • Elected parent representatives –Nicola Kirk, Bruce Hando, Tara Lowe, Tania Scarce, Leonie Mactaggart
  • Community Representatives – Carl Leach and Aleisha Petrie