Each year a series of transition, programs occur to support the transition of students from Kinder into Prep; Year 2 into Year 3; and Year 6 into Year 7.

Preschool into Prep
To help make the move from kinder to school easier for your child, we run a transition program in the 4th term. Kindergarten children visit our school on numerous occasions to familiarise themselves with the school environment and to participate in classroom activities. Kindergarten students intending to enrol as Preps at St Arnaud Primary School are invited to attend a comprehensive transition program. Usually students have the opportunity to attend school on 6 part days and one full day. Bus travelling students can then access the afternoon school bus to get home as further transition into their schooling experience.


Teachers from the primary school spend time visiting children at the kindergarten. This is followed by a visit of the Year 5 buddies to the kinder once enrolments are finalised.

The longest Orientation Day is held in early December when kindergarten children the day at school.


Year 6 into Year 7
During T3/T4 Year 6 students begin their involvement in the extensive Year 7 transition program offered by St Arnaud Secondary College. Each year the College offers an Information Evening, along with a school tour – although a tour can be requested at any time by making an appointment. Year 6 parents will be given information regarding Transition into Year 7, as it becomes available from the Secondary College.


Transition for all students
At our school we support students from all year levels as they transition into the next phase of their schooling. For some students there is great excitement around their graduation to the next year level and for others there is some anxiety around moving from Junior Years into the Middle Years, or from Middle Years into the Senior Years of Primary School. All students spend a day with their new teacher, in their new class with all their new classmates, on the State-wide Transition Day which is usually the first Tuesday in December.