Vic Kids Eat Well

Fruit Break

All students are encouraged to bring along a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables to be eaten in class, at their desk for the 10am Fruit Break each day. Students are also encouraged to bring a water bottle each day – these can be refilled at the bubble taps as needed. Staying hydrated significantly aids the brain to function and in turn assists students with their learning.


Lunch Orders

Children may have a Lunch Order from the Parkview Bakery on Thursdays and Fridays.


Healthy Eating
We strongly support the ordering and provision of healthy lunches and snacks.


The school’s Healthy Eating Policy discourages the consumption of chocolate bars, soft drink and chips. The Nude Food concept is carried through from Kindergarten into Primary School by encouraging parents to pack food that is not highly processed and packaged. Fresh fruit and vegetables are ideal snacks, which are both nutritious for growing bodies and require little to no disposable packaging.

For safety reasons, cans and glass bottles are not permitted at school.