Each class participates in a major excursion each year. These excursions are an important part of the school curriculum, covering social, cultural and academic skills. Classroom work is based on the excursion. Costs for these excursions will vary according to the type of excursion.

Children in Years P-2 participate in a whole day excursion away from the St Arnaud area.

Children in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to take part in a camp which is arranged to correlate with a unit of study being undertaken by their department. These camps not only provide children with the experience of visiting other areas, increase their knowledge of a topic being studied but also provide the valuable social and personal development experiences gained by the experience of living away from home in a group situation.

The St Arnaud Primary School offers a sequential camps program from Years 3-6;  

  • Yr 3/4 students alternate between Roses Gap in even years and the Urban Camp in Melbourne in odd years.
  • Yr 5-6 alternate between Canberra Camp in even years and a less expensive, shorter camp in odd years.
  • Prep-Yr 2 will have a day excursion and late night or overnight stay, varying from year to year.