The Literacy program is an uninterrupted two hour block from 9-11am each day. As much as is possible the timetable is restricted to avoid scheduling specialist classes in this time. Students are regularly tested on their reading, spelling and comprehension and the data collected from this testing is used to design the teaching that occurs in the classroom. St Arnaud Primary School implements three very structured Literacy programs. In reading it is CAFÉ; in writing it is the VCOP program; and for spelling, the SMART Spelling program is implemented, from Prep-Yr6. Research evidence shows that whole school programs implemented consistently have the best outcomes for students.










C - Comprehension
A - Accuracy
F - Fluency
E - Expression


V - Vocabulary
C - Connectives
O - Openers
P - Punctuation

The SMART Spelling program aims to expose students to letter blends and word families on a daily basis. Students learn their words at home and are tested weekly.

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