SWPBS - Free BBQ Lunch

Since the start of the year, each class has revised the behaviours we expect to see in different areas of our school. SWPBS recognises that along with verbal feedback and praise, tangible acknowledgements can play an important role in teaching and learning behaviours.

It places children in the best position to experience success in their learning and in their social relationships.

Teachers have worked with their students to create a list of rewards for attaining ‘Dojo’ points. These points are awarded when positive behaviour is observed in the classroom and in the yard. It provides staff with an efficient method of giving positive feedback and creating a culture of being ‘all in this together’.

Next week on Friday, we will officially launch the SWPBS program at St Arnaud Primary School. There will be a free barbecue for all students. After lunch, we will gather in the Arts Centre to welcome a special visitor. Students will then be put into multi age groups to participate in a range of team building and engaging activities during the last school hour.

Parents are most welcome to join us for our celebration. We look forward to seeing you there.

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